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About Us

painting by Yoko Shimizu


Our Organization

Board of Directors

Clare Rosenfield, M.A, M.S., LCSW

President Co-Treasurer
Social worker, author, poet/artist, harpist, and practitioner of various forms of healing and self-healing, is founder of Contact Healing (tm) and facilitator of healing meditation circles with the harp.

"The GHF inspires me to energize with optimism and empowered intention my intense longing for a transformed consciousness worldwide which respects deeply our beloved Mother Earth, and all forms of life, including human life, in all their diversity, and which lives to embody peace and compassion in divinely inspired enlightened action."

Sheryl Blumenthal

Vice President

As a Universal teacher and a loving messenger, Sheryl's gifts support the workings that humanity is striving towards. Through rare abilities her gifts offer direct guidance and supportive healing through a powerful connection with the Divine.

She is also an author, guest speaker and humanitarian.


Cara Cea


Communications executive who has worked in PR and Marketing for higher education and health and wellness non-profits throughout her career. She is a founding board member of the Global Healing Foundation. She believes in the goodness of humanity and that those who spread love and light through the healing power of prayer and meditation may just brighten up the darkness in the world.

Christine Jefferson


Human Potential Coach, Psychological Fitness Specialist, Yoga Teacher and Tennis Instructor for kids.  Currently coaching teen girls to find their personal voice through lifestyle choices that make sense in an increasingly stressed out world.  


“Nurturing and supporting young women to be the best version of themselves not only enhances personal health and well-being, it is the essential ingredient to save our planet!” 

Jose Bermudez


Web Director

Nature lover, and earth protector. Project manager, passionate permaculturist, chef, web & graphic designer. Currently helping brothers and sisters find purpose and balance in life.

Co-Founder of EcoMaste


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What we do

by Jacques Tombazian (Founder) and Clare Rosenfield

The Global Healing Foundation, a non-profit educational organization, combines global consciousness with its commitment to healing of self, humanity, the creatures, plant life, the environment, including the oceans and all waterways and the entire earth down to its core, whom we lovingly call Gaia.

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