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Pink Sky

Healing Intention

First, we align with our intentions to awaken our subtle energy centers and spiritual bodies.

Healing Intention

In alignment with the Oneness, I commit myself to evolving to my fullest capacity. 

I have the freedom, awareness and power to bring forth my purest intent and to manifest my true being.

I release all unhealthy energies and belief systems which do not allow me to evolve or be perfectly healthy.

In partnership with Life, I build and awaken fully my energy centers, my
spiritual bodies, and all of my potential.

I allow my feminine and masculine energies to come into balance and perfect harmony.

I connect to my Deepest Knowing.

I affirm that I accept myself as I am, with love and understanding, so that I may love and understand others, and allow them the same healing as I give myself today.

I affirm that all this is and it is.

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