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Forest & Land Protection

There are many indigenous tribes and other activists doing the work.

Would you like to get involved? Apply now to help these brave souls with this important task of protecting, restoring, and reforesting the land.

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Mamo from the Sierra Nevada, Colombia so


"Fun-Raiser" Live on Zoom

Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda

"Sacred Land Restored"

Sunday February 20th

7:30pm (ET) 4:30 (PT)

By buying back this Sacred Land,

it can now be protected...

The Mamos have placed their

hearts and lives in repeated

jeopardy, to do what they know

is right. Mother Earth is their


Suggested Donation of $25

An email will be sent with instructions to access the Zoom link.

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Our network of groups and institutions that are involved. Apply now to be added to this list.




Mamo healers initiating healing meditati


We welcome members to participate in our weekly and monthly meditation circles, our full moon healing meditations and other work, including an annual fundraising concert or earth-friendly event for children and adults, and programs offered to libraries, universities, hospitals, and other communities who request our presence.

Joining us means simply affirming and honoring the peace, love, and light that we all are, which generates hopefulness and courage as we transform ourselves and our world.

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