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Pink Sky

What we do

and Why

by Jacques Tombazian (Founder)

and Clare Rosenfield

The Global Healing Foundation, a non-profit educational organization, combines global consciousness with its commitment to healing of self, humanity, the creatures, plant life, the environment, including the oceans and all waterways and the entire earth down to its core, whom we lovingly call Gaia.

We assert that it is not the responsibility of Divinity, by whatever name one calls that Source, that Life Force or Light, to create peace in this war-torn world. It is up to us. We believe that there are Cosmic Laws, and one of them is free will. If the Divine were to do everything for us without our participation, we would be deprived of free choice.

It is through our own freedom that we can choose to grow, evolve, and transform our consciousness, and in so doing, create our own life and destiny. At the same time, if we do everything without calling upon the Divine, we are depriving ourselves of a great and powerful resource which is available to us at all times.

The Global Healing Foundation teaches that we are co-creators of our world situations, of the degree of peace we enjoy in our lives, by taking on a partnership with the Divine. We believe that when the intention is global and pure, when the motivation is from a heart free from animosity, the Divine blesses us and empowers us to attain what we want for ourselves and for our world. Therefore, we envision this partnership as a resource and a gift -- 

to help us awaken our personal capacities and powers, 
to help us evolve and actualize our purest intention, 
to develop our consciousness to its fullest capacity, 
to draw forth innumerable ways to heal ourselves and to restore this planet to balance, peace, and the consciousness of mutual respect among all peoples. As of now, individuals barely use 8-12% of the capacities of their consciousness.


By connecting to the Light or to those archetypal and angelic beings who have unique healing powers, we can empower ourselves in the most positive ways to lead a conscious and healthy life and to inspire others to do the same. Whatever we think, say, or do has its invisible and visible impact on our world.

As stewards of our planet, as lovers of our earth and of our children, we can harness our powers and our most loving intentions for their sake as well as our own. With a global-minded approach, we lift ourselves out from small-mindedness, bias, greed, self-centeredness, reactivity, and destructive ways, and open to a purpose that includes one and all.

The Global Healing Foundation teaches people how to guide their energies as a force for healing. We can learn how to neutralize harmful intentions, relieve suffering, and contribute to humanity’s shift from feeling alienated to feeling accepted into the diverse world community.

Our work aims to help eliminate the causes of violence, war, and abuse, whether it is perpetrated on humans, animals, fish, the environment, or the planet.

How? Through intention, attention, and presence. Once we stop blaming others or God for our plight, we accept that it is up to us to create our own destiny, both as an individual and as a collective humanity.

We move forward by paying attention to our intention and by connecting with the Divine Presence, in whatever way feels right to us. When these three are joined, there is no limit to the amount of healing energy we can radiate into the world. When we acknowledge universal help, universal help comes flooding in. When we call upon such help, our intentions are empowered and blessed.

The Global Healing Foundation helps people understand how their purified intentions elicit a response from the invisible world. Light Beings, Healing Archetypes, Angels come rushing to facilitate our purest and most sincere intentions for the good of all.

The Global Healing Foundation is also committed to teaching people specific and effective ways to open their innermost energy centers or chakras in order to receive the healing energies, messages, and guidance of the Divine. Not only does this bring healing to the individual, but also it allows the individual to send radiant healing energies to the planet. This is the same as long-distance healing, only on a worldwide scale.

We of the Global Healing Foundation invite you -- individuals, organizations, and communities with global-minded intentions -- to join with us and learn how your best efforts can be empowered and supported, on an energetic level, on a healing level.

Together, through our global healing meditations, we can co-create a world in which harmful intentions are disarmed, in which the consciousness of each individual evolves to his or her fullest capacity, and as a result, contributes uniquely and collectively to the healing, transformation, and liberation of consciousness worldwide.

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