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Pink Sky

Planetary Healing


Begin with Healing Intention


Now that we are in partnership with the Oneness and our hearts are at peace, we can visualize Planet Earth between our hands.

Let’s include all of earth's inhabitants- humans, animals, plants and all of living life.

Let’s invite Healing Energy to take the form of different colors.

Allow the red energy to neutralize and release from everywhere
and everyone all harmful beliefs and influences.

Continue with deep violet followed by transparent pale crystal orange energy to create a pollution-free healthy environment for all.

Project transparent crystal energy to clear away diseases worldwide.

Now send golden-orange energy to burn away and release pain, resentments and suffering.

Visualize golden sapphire-blue to create mutual love and respect among all beings.

Lastly, gold to balance positive and negative energies everywhere and to bring protection to us all.



Align yourself with the Oneness and visualize the oceans, rivers, lakes, and waterways, as Gaia’s circulatory system to bring them into sparkling purity and perfect health, including the fluids inside all living beings and in your own body.

Project tourmaline green energy onto water everywhere to remove all unhealthy influences and to restore balance.

Now send deep violet energy, and then gold.

Place all waters inside a transparent pale crystal orange.

Visualize a shiny black wall around the waters to protect them from all pollution.

Allow your heart and mind to be filled with love and gratitude for the gift of water. You may inhale “I am grateful for the waters in my life.” You may exhale, “I send love, gratitude, and blessings to the waters everywhere.”

Trusting that this healing continues, you may open your eyes whenever you wish.

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