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Full moon meditation November 30, 2020 from the Global Healing Foundation.

Let’s suffuse ourselves with the Light of the Full Moon to remind ourselves to light up all the different parts of our own body, to see them as GIFTS to be honored, respected, and thanked. As we do this healing for ourselves, it invites us to be a healing energy for the entire world.

So let’s begin with feeling our two feet on the blessed Earthmother and while sensing their rootedness down, down, down into Her core, as if traveling down a staircase of 24 levels. Our founder Jacques Tombazian shared with us that Mother Earth has 24 chakras, and so do we, in our electromagnetic fields, above and below. So as you descend your roots into Her core, give Her a loving hug, a message of gratitude, and feel your capacity to both bless Her and yourself as you strengthen yourself by drawing up energy from Mother Earth’s core.

Every inch of your energetic body as well as your physical body – remember to thank it and bless it in every moment of this special meditation.

Next move the energy from below up your legs and into your base chakra feeling grateful for the freedom of movement and for the energy that your legs and feet have given you all these years and for the base of your spine which is another twin to Mother Earth, receiving and giving to Her. This is called the Muladhara Chakra in Hinduism. This chakra is known as the Earth chakra.

Sense into the whole area of your sacrum, pelvis, inner organs, which, together with the second center of energy at the center of the pelvis, this Swadishtana Chakra holds not only the power of sexual energy but also the energy of creativity, stability, support, groundedness, and sensitivity. Being aware of all the inner organs for urination and conceiving a baby in the womb, receive this awareness and thank and bless every part of this sacred inner sanctum, including the urethra, urethers, and kidneys. This chakra is called the Water chakra.

The next area to rise up into is the Hara, the Fire Chakra, Manipura, The whole belly including the navel area, the spleen and all the small and large intestinal organs of elimination, as well as many of the organs responsible for digestion and assimilation—the liver, gallbladder, liver ducts, pancreas, the stomach, and the core muscles, front and back, as well as the equivalent section of the middle and lower spine are to be brought into your awareness with huge gratitude, blessings, and love. Give them your spacious heart, and thank them for being your “second brain.”

The fourth area above is called the Air Chakra, Anahata, and it includes the physical heart, front and back, and the spiritual heart whose wings, left and right, spread out infinitely, capable of emanating love, compassion, and empathy for the whole world, beginning with your very own self, now recognized to be a larger Self, unified with all Selves everywhere. Send thanks to the coronary artery, the pulmonary artery, the aorta, all the arteries, veins, capillaries, corpuscles all over the circulatory system and send loving awareness to the two lungs behind the heart as well and to the breasts and muscles of the chest and back, shoulderblades, diaphragm, trapezius muscles, breastplate, and collarbone, leaving nothing out. Remember the arms which stretch out from this heart area, capable of embracing and connecting with the hands, gifted with healing, writing capacities, creative artistic talents, playing musical instruments, touching, holding, lifting,blessing, delivering babies, and more.

The fifth area is known as Vishuddhi, the Etheric element, at the voicebox and windpipe from where the voice speaks in words and song, and the breathing passes through as well as food through the esophagus, all of which share this sacred space. Feel and share your gratitude for what all of these organs and systems have given you all these years; bless them profusely.

Before moving onward and upward, let us take a special moment to recognize our spinal column from the base to the top, from the sacral vertebrae, nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, to the five lumbar vertebrae, the twelve thoracic vertebrae, and the seven cervical vertebrae, thanking each one, one by one, and blessing each one’s nerves, discs, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bone density, and recognizing their ability to allow you to move, to sit, stand, walk, lie down, and exercise, dance, do yoga, and all the multiple ways we are given to move from within the developing foetus in the womb to the adult body we still have so that we can function in this world.

There are some sub-chakras rarely noted which our founder told us not to neglect—a spot behind the throat from which the yogic Ujjhaya breathing sound emanates, a spot on the roof of the mouth, and a spot at the center edge of the hairline at the top of the forehead, above the next chakra I’m about to share with you, the Third Eye.

The sixth area is the Agni Chakra, the Third Eye, between the eyebrows. This is so named because it is considered to be the inner eye which allows us to see within, to visualize, to dream, to intuit, to receive guidance from Divine beings, to know beyond the knowing we are used to. When we meditate, we can soften this area along with our eyelids, and thank the whole area of the forehead, including the physical eyes and eyebrows, the nose, two ears, cheeks, mouth, tongue, jaw, and all the inner parts of each of these. So when we give thanks in this area, let’s be as thorough as we can be, recognizing what each one offers us as gifts and blessings.

The seventh chakra, topmost of the physical body, is the Sahasrara Chakra, the Crown Chakra, and is considered to be an opening to the worlds beyond, to the realms of soul, spirit, creation, and the heavenly realm of the Divine. The physical aspect includes all parts of the head and brain, the neocortex, left and right sides, the mammalian and reptilian brains, and the supra-physical energies, according to Jacques, rise up to 70 chakras.

Moreover, these seventy chakras are not only limited to above us; they are equally found below us because “as above, so below.” We were taught to use our inner eye to find our inner Tree of life, sit with our back against it, and ask its permission to rise up the 70th level where the Absolute or God-consciousness would guide us as to our calling and our purpose, our service in this life, including healing for ourselves and the world.

On this 70th level, there would be an imaginary throne where we would sit with a crown on our head, and scepters of multiple lights with which to do healing in the world. The body we would be inhabiting would be a Light body or a lighter body than the one we embody here on earth, but it would have been empowered by the Divine to make the best use of the throne, the crown, and the scepters of Light for the benefit and blessing of all life on earth including the healing of Mother Earth HerSelf. While on this throne, it is an opportunity to let yourself expand in all directions infinitely, to become the truly spacious being that you are meant to be, to allow the healing energy to send love and blessings everywhere limitlessly!

If you choose to do this meditation, when it is complete, you thank the Divine for guiding you, and then you can slide down the secret staircase that allowed you to rise up or down a moving escalator or a chute that brings you back to your Tree where you may thank the Tree for allowing you to do this healing of yourself, of humanity, of living beings, and the Earth.

Now you may open your eyes and feel the blessings of your meditation infuse you throughout the rest of your night and day and all the days ahead.

Thank you for participating in this Full Moon meditation for healing yourselves and the world, including our beloved Mother Earth! If you feel inspired, let me know how it felt for you to try this out.


Clare Rosenfield. President, Global Healing Foundation



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