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Global Healing Foundation Presents
Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda in a Laugh-Filled “Fun-Raiser”

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Hi there,

In these serious times – where there’s definitely something funny going on – laughter keeps us sane.  Thanks to the magic of Zoom, cosmic comic Swami Beyondananda will appear virtually everywhere on Sunday, February 20th to help you wake up laughing and leave laughter in your wake.  This laugh-filled show will be a benefit for the Global Healing Foundation, and a number of good causes, including … ‘cause it’s really good to laugh!


For 35 years, the Swami has been a fount of comedy disguised as wisdom – or is it wisdom disguised as comedy?  Noted author Marianne Williamson has called him “the Mark Twain of our times” because the comedy isn’t just hilariously funny, but also offers sharp social commentary and spiritual perspective.


Billed as “one of the biggest names in comedy” (“Beyondananda” alone has 12 letters), Swami keeps the audience in hysterics with his mixture of word play, seriously funny political and spiritual commentary, and playful silliness.  In these polarized and divisive times, Swami’s comedy liberates us from the dueling dualities of the mind, and puts us firmly in the loving coherence of the heart.  There is an “aha” in the wake of the ha-ha, and an “aaahhh” as we enjoy the nourishment of hearty laughter.


Unlike so many gurus, Swami doesn’t expect you to take his word without question … and in fact, he is wanted for questioning.  So, if you have an answerable question for the Swami, he promises to have an answerable question for you. 


Seriously and humorously, not only will you be supporting Swami’s mission to raise the laugh force on the planet through Cosmic Comic Consciousness, you will be benefitting the indigenous people of Colombia through the Gunnekun Social Foundation, in buying back their native land and planting trees.  (And remember, in this great campaign to restore the natural world, the trees are rooting for us.)

Feb 20th, 2022 07:30 pm ET / 4:30 PT
Topic: Cosmic Comic

Suggested donation of $25

Thank you so much for your contribution.
Please click down below if you did not get a chance to donate and help the Mamos buy back sacred land.


Reserve your tickets here:

Your generous donations are tax-deductible when paid to the Global Healing Foundation either through a check written to the Foundation and sent to c/o Clare Rosenfield, President 4 Crosshill Road, Hartsdale, NY 10530 or through Paypal on the website clicking on the donate link above.


Tickets are $25 each, but if you feel inspired to help us help them to buy enough food for many hundreds of families and to build and rebuild houses as well as to recuperate land that needs healing, to build more temples for them to meditate in (which they do for many hours day and night), then give more.  Give what your heart guides you to give.  


Last but not least, recognize that you/we/they are all made of Light and Love, so pour out your Love and Light to surround and infill them with everything they need to keep staying healthy and strong in their dedication to the survival and thrival of our beloved Mother Earth and of all living beings, including the wildlife, biodiversity, medicinal plants, trees, and precious waterways in their "heart of the world" and the world over.

About the Mamos from "Misterios ocultos tv" (video in Spanish)

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Livestream Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda

Sunday Feb 20th, 2022 

7:30pm EST 4:30 PT- Via Zoom

Benefit Event

"Sacred Land Restored"

-Live Via Zoom-

Cost: $25

Please click the link below to join and access the webinar:

Address live on Feb 20th

If you have not donated yet, please use the donate button for a suggested contribution of $25.

Thank you.

Suggested Donation $25
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