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Full Moon Global Healing Meditation (next full moons in 2020-- Oct. 1, Oct. 31, Nov.30, Dec.29)

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

sept. 2, 2020



Even if it is raining wherever you are. just as our true selves seem to be hidden behind the limits of our mind, the cultural beliefs we cling to, and the temporary ups and downs of every day, so the full moon, just like us, THE MOON'S LIGHT is still there waiting for us to call upon her loving compassionate and wise energy.

So i call upon us all to call upon all the beings of unconditional love and light whom you consider sacred, from all the different spiritual traditions, to see them all united in the One Being beyond name and form who created us and is calling on us to manifest His/Her sacred goodness, truth, love, and beauty in our embodiment on earth.

On the occasion of the full moon, we commit ourselves to beaming forth our purest intentions for the healing of Mother Earth, for the healing of all minds and hearts out from the veils of polarization into the bright Light of mutual respect and recognition of our mutual sacredness and preciousness of life.

Recognize that our loved ones who have departed from this earth are also beaming their light and love and we can call upon them as well, our ancestors, and even the lost forests and animal and plant species which have disappeared from this earth. somehow somewhere they are still available and i dare say are calling upon us to save their progeny, to protect their and our Mother Earth and all endangered species of mammals, amphibians, birds, fish, trees, forests, medicinal plants, all plants, all vegetation, all fruits everywhere here and now. and of course, to protect and bless all present and future generations of human beings that this planet remain a viable source of life and living for all.

The time is now. we can enter into a meditation that is beyond time in order to effect changes that take place in time.

So let us call upon this one uniting Force which is behind all of creation to help empower us to protect the planet and all of life from all harm and to open our hearts to the sacredness and preciousness of each other from all backgrounds, of all colors, from all languages, from all cultures, and see beyond our differences to our true nature, our humanness, our divinely blessed humanness.

That creative power which is infusing this full moon and all of us with love, goodness, truth, wisdom, and beauty needs our embodiment to transform our minds, open our hearts, and align us with global harmony, global justice, global mutual respect.

And we call upon that Creative Power of unity to allow us to come to peace in our hearts so as to beam unconditional peace and loving-kindness to the world

We envision all beings coming to a deep peace and recognition of their true nature, beyond all isms and differences and polarities, so that our global community and our sacred mother earth can finally rest and relax and surrender to the genuine sincere peace that is a healing balm to us all.

We affirm that all this is, by the grace of the one Divine Creative Being, and it is.

Beam on, dear ones! you are a beacon of light! you are a full moon! you are an embodiment of truth, goodness, loving-kindness, and beauty!

from my heart to yours,

Clare Rosenfield, President, Global Healing Foundation

p.s. save the date Oct. 18 for a fundraiser zoom concert for the Colombian Mamo healers to protect their land by buying it back and thereby protect the endangered species of trees, plants, animals, and more that they are continually dedicated to and blessing day and night. thank you, thank you, thank you.



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