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Dear Global-Hearted Friends,

Let’s take some quiet moments together to reflect on what it means to “harvest” and what it means to allow the “harvest moon” to empower our intentions and commitments to peace and lovingkindness, gratitude and appreciation, mutual respect and global healing including self-healing.

If you can be at a horizon line at the time of the rising of the Full Harvest Moon, you will be graced with a view of a pale orange orb that gradually changes to yellow as it brightens within 15 minutes and finally becomes a huge white moon high up in the sky.

Why is it called the “harvest moon?” because this is a time when farmers would harvest their crops! So can we harvest our own blessings? The ones we received and the ones we gave?

Let us allow ourselves to feel cozy and contented, supported by our beloved Mother Earth, and grateful to all the elements which support us—the air and wind, the sunlight, moonlight, and stars, the rains and waterways of all kinds, the ground and that which allows seeds to grow and feed us, as in plants, vegetables, grains, and fruits. Let us pour immense gratitude and protection into trees and forests.

Can we take some moments to move our awareness from head to toe and toe to head, naming each part of the body, sensing into the cells and organs, and thanking them for their synchronized functioning and health-giving activities?

Let this harvest moon meditation inspire us to offer gratitude to everything and everyone in our lives as well as to the Creator of all life and to the gift of recognizing that you and I and each one of us is an embodiment and manifestation of this Divine Essence. Can we let go and invite this Divine Being to guide us in living our lives as lovingly and generously as we can in our own unique ways? Let us remember to shine out as fully as the Full Moon!

Let’s call upon the Divine Oneness by whatever name we feel connected with to help us create peace in ourselves and in our world, in thoughts, words, and actions.

Let’s ask that One to help us evolve to our fullest capacity and empower us with courage and unconditional love to pour our Love-Light into all beings and all corners of the Earth, and into our beloved Planet HerSelf that She may be protected at all times everywhere.

Let’s affirm that all this is spoken from our true hearts and clear intentions.

By Divine Grace, in full faith, so be it.



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