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Global Healing Foundation Full Moon Meditation OCT. 31, 2020

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Dear Global-Hearted Friends,

Let us recognize that all great beings of unconditional Love and Light who have lived in the far past and the recent past are still shining their full moon light at all times in all places through all beings, whether we are open to them or not.

So let us consciously be open to their Light which is one and the same as the Light of God, the Light Divine, the Light of Source, Spirit, the One and Only Being, the Absolute, by whatever Holy Name you call that One that we may unite with That which is All Light and All Love, inviting ourselves to dissolve away all illusions, mirages, belief systems that interfere with our truly experiencing ourselves as one with that Oneness, one with that Loving Light, instead of separate and partial.

Practice this INVOCATION every day and especially on the night of the Full Moon this month:

I/we call upon the One and Only Being, the Source of All Life, to help us evolve to our fullest capacity and to have the freedom, awareness, and power to manifest our true being.

I/we call upon the Divine Light to help us create peace in ourselves and in our world, thus praying that the Light call a halt to all divisiveness, all that would create separation or enmity between us, all unhealthy energies and harmful belief systems

I/we ask the Kosmic Oneness of Infinite Love and Light to help us build and awaken fully our energy centers, our spiritual insights, and all of our potentials so as to create the Good, embody the True, and manifest Beauty in all ways, always.

I/we ask that all beings be free to live, evolve, and blossom, from all walks of life, from all cultures, races, religions, varying language groups, and genders.

I/we invite the One Being to transform our minds, open our hearts, and align us with Global Lovingkindness, Harmony, and Light.

We affirm that we harbor no resentment or animosity toward anyone so that we may create a world of peace from a peaceful mind and heart.

We envision peace, generosity, wisdom, compassion, and love radiating from our hearts into the entire world here and now and forever just as the Full Moon radiates its powerful Light to one and all.

We affirm that all this is and it is.



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