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Global Healing Meditation

Updated: Sep 30, 2020


Dear Friends of the Global Heart,,

The Global Healing Foundation which was founded in 2002 after 9/11 by Jacques Tombazian, our late esoteric and alchemical-minded teacher, always encouraged us to meditate at the time of a Full Moon to help empower our intentions for the healing of the planet and of each other and of all of life and to feel ourselves to be glowing like the full moon.

And so, as president of the Global Healing Foundation, I am inviting you to take time tonight (and every Full Moon night forever!) wherever you are, to stop and reflect in yourselves the Full Moon, imbibing its beautiful Light and recognizing your capacity to be that Light and share your full Light into the world, into our interconnected, reciprocal, multi-faceted world. When we recognize our essential Oneness uniting all the seeming separate embodiments, we can become a huge Light shining out into consciousness everywhere and dissolving all that is not of the Light.

At this time on our Mother Earth, a great unified Wave of White Light from all of us together is very much needed and capable of having a vast unified outreach and positive effect. Are you in?

So relax your entire body from the top of your head through your eyelids and jaw, softening as you go, moving down the body, front and back, allowing all tensions to dissolve, until you feel the body’s weight dropping down into your seat, your feet, and the earth, until there is a sense of rock bottom peace, just as if you would be sitting at the bottom of an ocean. All the waves are above, but you are in the depths, undisturbed.

Then drop into your innocent heart of hearts, the one that has wings and can fly and expand and shine out the Light you are meeting from the Full Moon and from your own Full Moonlit Self! Similar to the shining out of sun’s rays, shine out the moon’s rays feeling what the Tibetan Buddhists say is our true Consciousness—like the sky on a cloudless day and filled with sunlight or as we are doing, filled with moon light!

For some of you, sitting in that radiance will be enough. For others, we will have an intention to direct that Light to offer calm and healing to different continents, or to those we know are in need, or to endangered species, or to Mother Earth herSelf, or to loved ones in need of healing, or to parts of your own body/mind/spirit in need of healing.

Have the intention that the Divine One and Only Being indwelling you tonight is empowering your most earnest intentions and helping you manifest your true being, is allowing your feminine and masculine energies to be brought into harmony and balance, and is inviting you to access your deepest innermost knowing, that which is beyond the mind.

We of the Global Healing Foundation are also committed to helping an indigenous group of people from Colombia, So. America, to protect their sacred lands, which they consider the “heart of the world,” due to its multiple ecosystems, and which they wish to guard from anyone who would harm these lands--the mountains, the rivers, the trees, and the earth. All are sacred to them. They aim to protect the endangered species of animals, plants, trees, and more wherever and whenever they can. The way they are doing this is by buying back the land. And we are helping with that fundraising.

So those who wish to include the Mamos who are the shamans living with the tribes of the Koguis, the Wiwa, the Arhueca,and the Kankauamo in the high Sierra Nevada mountains of Colombia, please do shower them with the White Light of goodness, compassion, protection truth, and beauty, pouring in from the Full Moon and pouring out from your hearts.

We envision peace in ourselves and peace in the world here and now.

We see all in need of protection showered with White Light.

We see all in need of love receiving that love from open hearts everywhere.

We envision Mother Earth receiving the healing and protection that She longs for, inside her earthen body, in the forests which are her lungs, in the waterways and oceans which are her circulatory system, in her mountains, rocks, caves, deserts, and all manner of trees and plant life.

We envision the four-legged, the two-legged, the six-legged, the winged creatures receiving appreciation and protection and a promise to be able to survive and thrive.

We affirm that all this is and it is.

Many thanks for participating in this global healing meditation in your own unique way with the above guidelines.

Lovingly to each and every one of you, and this summer we will be sending you an invitation to a fundraiser concert to be given on zoom by a great young sitarist, Arujun Verma, and by other musicians including Lisa Jane Lipkin, a member of our Board and singer, songwriter, voice teacher, and Jay Hitt. We are planning to raise funds for our GHF to be wired to the Mamos’ Fundacion Social Gunnekun, also a non-profit, to help them by mid November. raise the funds needed to buy back the rest of the land they began to buy a few months ago, with our help.



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